The old saying, “location, location, location,” does not really give you the full picture. Finding an ideal location is only part of it.

We’ve found that the three things that matter most, in a commercial real estate transaction, are

  1. Preparation,
  2. Location
  3. Protection

1. Be Prepared with your documentation –financial records, tax returns, photos of your existing store/location, your company’s Statement of Good Standing and other supporting information about your business are your first steps along with finding the right Broker who can represent you and help you get organized and negotiate a fair deal.

2. Selecting the right location is very important. An experienced Broker will know the market and be able to source good locations. Most people don’t work with a broker because they think they have to pay for the service but they don’t! The broker is paid by the property owner.

3. Protecting yourself is also necessary. Hiring an attorney to review your lease is very important. You’ll also want to protect your personal assets as well as plan for other financial considerations, such as, security deposits, fees for early termination and a host of other associated leasing costs that may not be readily apparent.

Working with the right Broker matters. When you “hire” an experienced Broker to help you find and negotiate your lease, the Broker fees/commissions are not paid out of your pocket. Your Broker will negotiate their payment with the party that is leasing the space (property owner, owner’s Broker, management company etc.).

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