Managing Your Emotions Throughout the Leasing Process

As you move through the process of your lease there is a predictable pattern that every independent retail business tends to follow. You might be surprised to hear this, but what you experience each step [...]

Early Terminations

Before You Throw the Keys Back at Your Landlord Have you ever felt like throwing the keys back at your landlord? If you feel like you’re stuck in an agreement that’s gone sour it happens [...]

Knowledge Feeds Confidence

The Key to Being a Successful Independent Retailer Being knowledgeable in all the aspects of your independent retail business is important, because it builds your confidence. As your confidence builds it means your business is [...]

The Golden Rule

Treat Others the Way You Want to be Treated The inspiration behind “The Golden Rule” at GRR is that we would like independent retailers to be treated with the same respect and integrity that the [...]

The Golden Rule: How to get Tenant Allowance or Tenant Improvement Money

Tenant allowance. It’s exactly what is sounds like; money for new tenants. A common misconception about tenant allowance is that only national businesses are the ones that can receive it. However, in reality anybody can [...]


New leasing can sometimes be a stressful undertaking. From finding the perfect location, to actually signing on the dotted line, there will likely be some obstacles on the way. The biggest problem that arises when [...]