Have you considered a Rent Reduction for your business??

Knowledge is Key to Negotiating Have you ever thought about giving up on your business because you’re struggling to pay the rent? What are your options if you have a permanent lease or temporary lease? [...]


Shortly after Christmas, several major retailers filed Chapter 7, 11 or 13 and beganto close their brick and mortar stores across the nation.  Such retails like RadioShack, WetSeal, Body Central, Deb Shops, Delia’s, Cache, Shasa and PS Aeropostale have already exited beginning of this year. [...]

Filling Big Box Spaces Creatively

Latest trend for commercial real estate is the fulfillment of vacant big box spaces throughout the country. With expanding retailers and new concept tenants we are no longer seeing massive disparities. Creative concepts such as [...]

WORD OF MOUTH version 2.0

The traditional meaning of “Word of Mouth” has taken a new direction in this technology driven world we are living in. Some still consider that the best way to market/brand any product or business is [...]

“Evolutionary change” in retail sales during Black Friday

  A decline in sales over the Black Friday weekend has dropped 11% year after year. The shift in the shopping experience has changed as shoppers are spending their money over an extended holiday period. [...]

Businesses beware: Employees are in denial regarding their lack of skills

Obviously, we all want high ranking  employees for our businesses. That is why it is important to remain focused on who we select to represent our companies. If you would like your company to excel, [...]