California – I Love You In Spite Of Your Flaws

On May 10th 2014, at the Americans Entrepreneurs’ Expo, hosted by Mayor Eric Garcetti, I heard him say that the city of Los Angeles has the highest concentration of small business owners in the country….sadly, it also ranks among the least small-business-friendly cities in the nation.  But do not despair, small business owner, you don’t have to move to a weather-challenged state simply because they promise the grass will be greener, (BTW, Florida has a 6-7% sales tax on commercial leases ) here at GRR, we work with many small business programs created by the State, City and County to help small business owners increase their chances of success.  One of them is .   For the past 50 years, SCORE has been known as one the nation’s top supporters and facilitators for small businesses.  SCORE has served more than 10 million existing and aspiring small business owners since inception and helps to create more than 58,000 new businesses and over 71,000 new jobs annually.  It also empowers and inspires 320 chapters and 11,000 volunteer mentors across the nation.  […]