Do you have a new product or service you want to introduce to the retail market, but have questions on how to realize this and wonder how your product or service will be received?  You have an unproven concept and are therefore nervous and hesitant to sign a 3-5 year lease?  Golden Rule Resources is here to calm those nerves and get you informed.  In these kinds of situations Golden Rule Resources will introduce you to temporary lease options offered at most malls and select shopping centers.  This type of lease can range in commitment time from thirty days to up to one year with no major remodeling or huge capital investment requirement.

Thousands of small business owners routinely take advantage of this opportunity to test the market prior to entering into a long-term lease commitment.  As an example, it would be especially beneficial to test the market with your new product or service during the holiday season when traditionally there are more shoppers eager to make a purchase; in such a case, the lease term could be for only the peak months of November through January.  If your initial trial period is successful, then you have the opportunity to renew and extend the lease for another short-term or change to a long-term agreement.

These days there is also the option of Pop-Up stores.  A Pop-Up store is opened for a specific brief time; once the time is up, the store closes down.  Pop-Up shops can be open for one weekend, one week, (a few weekends only, etc.), and can also “pop” back “up” again in another six-month’s time.  It’s important to note that during this period the Landlord does have the right to terminate the agreement unless you work out an arrangement in advance.

Golden Rule Resources has the experience and knowledge to advise you, and to negotiate on your behalf, as to which lease option is right for your business.  A one-year lease or a Pop-Up store can be just what your business requires to test your new concept, affording you ample time to adjust prices or merchandise selection according to your customers’ wants and needs.  These options allow you to gain a solid retail strategy and sales track record that can allow you to plan for long-term goals, and a tailored long-term lease.

Golden Rule Resources has experience negotiating both temporary and long-term leases.  Call Golden Rule Resources for a free consultation!