About Our Staff

Carmen Hall
Carmen HallCEO & Founder: BRE#: 01415316 Ext. #700
Carmen Hall founded Golden Rule Resources LLC with the vision of being a professional broker for start-up businesses in California treating them by the Golden Rule, which is “To Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated”. Being an expert in the Hispanic Market and having over 20 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry, Carmen knows how to cater to multi-cultural first time business owners. Carmen realized that she had to bridge the gap between the independent businesses that host unique and creative retail concepts that are often underrepresented inside shopping centers and malls which are the most lucrative retail venues.

Carmen has been able to harness the talent that her agency needs in order to make Golden Rule Resources’ mission to uncover emerging concepts, educate small business owners in Landlord’s intricate merchandising philosophies and to lead new Tenants’ into prime locations with the objective of increasing their chances for success.

Carmen’s documented dossier includes being an assigned leasing agent in 54 different super and regional shopping centers and malls throughout California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Washington and Hawaii. Born in Tijuana, Mexico, raised in San Diego, she lived in San Jose for one year and has been residing in Los Angeles for over 20 years. Carmen is always prepared to create business opportunities to increase sales and revenue streams for her clients. She’s married to Chris Savedra and resides in Arcadia, CA.

Nancy Korompis
Nancy KorompisLeasing Representative: BRE# 01998150 EXT. #704
Nancy Korompis is in the marketing and research department, where she conducts research on independent small businesses who may benefit from the services GRR provides, such as securing the most suitable and affordable retail space available and negotiating property leases to save money and avoid pitfalls. Nancy has extensive experience in conducting business analysis and contract negotiation from her prior work in large corporations in the areas of finance and legal.

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