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Permanent | Temporary | Seasonal Leasing

If you are considering permanent, temporary, or seasonal positioning in a mall or shopping center, let us guide you through all the service steps.

We maintain our relationships by following the Golden Rule and treating everyone as we would like to be treated before, during, and after the leasing process.

Step 1: Preparation Service


Step 2: Location Service


Step 3: Negotiation Service


Step 4: Protection Service


Each step of the way you can expect fair treatment and the opportunity to open your retail doors without having to wait to get into major super regional malls, which are considered the most lucrative retail venues!

Most independent retailers like you find us, because getting into the most lucrative venues becomes an unnecessary struggle.

80% of our clients we work with have made critical mistakes by trying to negotiate their own lease.

We make it easy to access all the listing information you need to make the best educated decision on where to locate your retail store. You’re most likely too busy working on your business, so we’re here to bring our expertise and take care of the heavy lifting when it comes to your expansion, renewal, relocation, rent reduction, or brand new lease. In the end, we want you to provide all the information you need to get a deal that matches your leasing criteria.

This process doesn’t have to be painful, and in the end too many of our clients find out the hard way that they can’t afford not to hire representation for their lease negotiation.

Our company is a trusted leader in commercial real estate focused on helping our clients move forward with creative solutions, so you don’t have to shut your doors, risk losing your assets, or file for bankruptcy.

We’re here to make sure you feel more confident, valued, and protected from the time your lease search begins until you decide to exit from your lease and everything in between.

From Our Clients:

GRR Collaborates with Landlords to Lease Their Property

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