Golden Rule Resources


How do you get paid as the consultant negotiating my lease?

At all time we will seek to be compensated by the landlord for our services, however, depending on your location and/or type of service we are providing, the Landlord may decline (i.e. some mall locations and rent reduction/early termination modifications). If that’s the case then the tenant will be responsible for Golden Rule Resource’s consulting fees.

Will you do tenant representation outside of California?

Every case is different, so book a consultation to learn more about the solutions we have.

What’s the difference between being inside a mall and being on a street location?

Mall locations typically have better traffic and are ideal for start-up business as you will be benefiting from the traffic generated by other independent and national retailers inside the malls.

Retailers selling “impulse” items (such as apparel, shoes, cosmetics, food, sunglasses) benefit more by being inside malls.

Street locations often times have limited foot traffic and parking, it takes more of an effort for a customer to go out of his/her way when visiting a street location.

Street locations benefit retailers, or service providers, offering a specific product i.e. dry cleaners, nail shops, hair salons, these categories are referred to as “destination” retailers.

Is there a refund policy if the location criteria isn’t met?

Yes, 100% refund policy on the initial deposit if we can’t find you a location based on your initial criteria. We are confident that our services will help your independent retail business succeed and thrive.

In the rare case the tenant needs to back out of an approved deal, and the landlord has already sent the lease, then the deposit will be retained for our brokerage services.

The inspiration behind “The Golden Rule” is that we would like independent retailers to be treated with the same respect and integrity that the national retailers receive. Independent retailers are the heartbeat of our economy and we want to help change the unfortunate statistics of 1 out of 2 small business owners never making it to their five year anniversary.