Before You Throw the Keys Back at Your Landlord

Have you ever felt like throwing the keys back at your landlord? If you feel like you’re stuck in an agreement that’s gone sour it happens more often than you might believe and you don’t have to weather this storm alone.

It’s hard to repair your relationship once things have taken a bad turn between you and your landlord, but you do have rights. It’s also hard to see clearly through all of the emotions, struggles, and pain that you might be feeling.

If you’re facing early termination, or you need to negotiate a rent reduction then it’s best to ask yourself some important questions before you make a decision that will decide the fate of your entire business.

Here’s some of the key questions to consider before throwing in the towel on your business:

●      Have you made any mistakes?

            This is a tough, but important question to ask. It will help you identify if there are places where you can potentially correct course to save your business.

●      Ask yourself, if you took your emotions out of the situation how would you handle things differently?

         If you’re struggling to keep your emotions out of the equation then you might want to consider bringing in a third party that will help you neutralize the relationship with your landlord.

●      Do you really have to close down your business?

If closing your business seems like the only solution. You might be able to look at it from a different angle that will allow you to keep the doors open.

●      Is filing for bankruptcy the only solution to your situation?

Although this may seem like the only route. Chances are there are other creative solutions to saving your business before filing for bankruptcy.

Feeling like you’re failing and your business is breaking you is a huge challenge that most independent retailers face at some point. But hidden in every challenge is an opportunity to regroup and reinvent yourself.

Now ask yourself, would you like a partner to help you work through these challenging questions? Our Golden Rule Resources team provides the much needed outside perspective when it comes to creative solutions that will stop you from throwing your keys back at your landlord. 

Let us help you negotiate your rent reductions and early terminations by call our lease brokerage experts for a FREE consultation at 626.222.2452.