Treat Others the Way You Want to be Treated

The inspiration behind “The Golden Rule” at GRR is that we would like independent retailers to be treated with the same respect and integrity that the national retailers receive.


Independent retailers are the heartbeat of our economy and we want to help change the unfortunate statistics of small business owners.


Did you know that only 1 in 2 small businesses make it past their five year anniversary?


This is the story that gets told by independent retailers all too often and we want to help you change those statistics.


We believe that in order to have good business relationships with clients, there needs to be equality all the way around. Not only do we tailor make our approach to fit each client’s needs, but we give all of our clients the same special treatment and attention.


GRR was founded to help small businesses thrive. We believe, that independent retailers are just as important as national retailers in our economy. 


We want to support you in finding the strength to survive if you are faced with difficult decisions and the power to expand beyond what you imagined possible. Our mission is to help smalls businesses achieve the American Dream through successful business ventures.


Now ask yourself, how important is it to you to partner with someone that will treat your lease negotiations the same regardless of the size of your business?


If you would like to work with a commercial real estate company that values your permanent, temporary, or seasonal lease then call our lease brokerage experts for a FREE consultation at 626.222.2452.


We can also assist with your rent reductions and early terminations and protect your rights as a tenant.