Shortly after Christmas, several major retailers filed Chapter 7, 11 or 13 and beganto close their brick and mortar stores across the nation.  Such retails like RadioShackWetSeal, Body Central, Deb Shops, Delia’s, Cache, Shasa and PS Aeropostale have already exited beginning of this year.  This maybe just be the beginning of the grand exodus. There are reports stating more closures/bankruptcies and mergers to come in 2015.  

 The general opinion among U.S. retail consumers is that store closings are “bad” and a sign of weakness, while store openings are “good” and a sign of growth, expansion, and success.  In my opinion, the store closings by U.S. retail chains in 2015 are not so easily categorized.  

Retail store closings in the U.S. have less to do with economic implications and more to do with sociological insights.  Store closings are no longer about discretionary income as much as they are about consumer empowerment and how retail consumption is shapeshifting in response to rapidly changing consumer behaviors and preferences.