There are a few small business owners who do not quite understand the different types of real estate brokers. For example, there are office leasing brokers, industrial/warehouse brokers, street retail brokers, residential brokers, land brokers, business opportunity brokers and mall leasing consultants/brokers. Each broker specializes on one specific field of real estate. Unknowingly, small business owners often retain the wrong broker to represent them for the wrong type of transaction. We recommend small business owners make it a point to hire someone who specializes in the particular field of real estate that matches their real estate needs.

Retaining the wrong broker to represent you or attempting to negotiate your transaction yourself without the right broker representation could be a costly decision. It would be as though performing surgery on yourself or hiring a dentist to perform brain surgery on your new born baby. Leasing space inside a mall is a very unique and complicated process.

Yes, decisions…….. decisions…….decisions……your business is your “baby” don’t take your broker decision lightly!